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My wife and I have spent a good amount of time looking over the new phones available from Verizon. I was really excited about the Blackberry Storm, the Samsung Omnia and other ‘smart phones‘ being offered this holiday season, as well as the special deals being offered considering that we have finished our contract and the are being offered free phones to sign up again.

After visiting the Verizon stores and playing with the phones, neither of us are impressed with the usability of the Envy, the Glide or even the HTC Touch Pro. At this point, we are headed over to AT&T to see what we think of the rates there. We know we love the iPhone, since we have both enjoyed using the iPod Touch that I’ve had or the last year. The real question has to do with the monthly fees that seem a bit exorbitant $200+/month??? Yikes!

With MacWorld coming in January, we may want to wait and see what else Steve Jobs has in store, since there are usually some cool deals to be had once the ‘latest and greatest’ come out’. here is the latest rumor about what may be coming down the pipe:

Once again iPhone rumors are floating in China . The latest is that the next generation iPhone released will not be one iPhone but  two iPhones! Why is China the place where these rumors start? Simple, thousands of people are involved in building iPhone components and those that have the means know how to get inside information, once it starts the information spreads. It appears that they may be designing these new skins for the namo and the dimensions match some of the iPhone curves, etc.

These rumors are used by accessory manufacturers and agents in China to decide what they will produce, when they will start to manufacturer it and when they should unload their old stock. The right decisions could mean millions of dollars, if you get it right and you get it early. Because silicone cases are skin tight XSKN’s Nano iPhone silicone case design is a good way to judge what the new Nano iPhone is going to look like. Some sites said it would have a control dial with a pull out key pad. As we can see it is the small brother to iPhone 3G.

Additional Information can be found on the iDealsChina website.

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  1. Zero,
    I checked the AT&T website and the cheapest plan (for one person only) is $129.99 per month.
    That is not including the taxes (which tend to be about $20.00 more.
    I think my estimate of $200.00/mo to have two people be able to have phone and internet access was pretty accurate. If you, however, know of a way to get the AT&T iPhone plan for around $100.00, by all means, please let us know how it is done.

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