My Favorite Android Applications

I have been reviewing and using Android apps and have compiled a list of those that are not only still on my phone, but that I use regularly. If you have not tried these applications yet, I highly recommend them.

Nearly all the applications I am recommending here are free. I will note if they cost any money. That being said, if you truly enjoy the application, you should donate to the developers as it helps to keep the open source community alive and thriving.

Advanced Task Killer

I wish that Android did a better job of stopping applications when I was done with them in order to conserve computing power and battery life. Until that happens, we have Advanced Task Killer I use this to not only kill the apps that come as bloatware on my Verizon phone, but also to monitor just how much resources I am using at any given time.


For those that use the Sonos system for their home (or have friends that do, Andronos is a great app.

Angry Birds

Not only is Angry Birds a fun game to play, but its even free on the Android market (for a while longer at least).

Beautiful Widgets

Until I decide to take that next step and root my phone, Beautiful Widgets does a great job of giving me a much better interface, UI, widgets and generally making my phone individualized. Once you pay for the app ($2.70), all additional themes and downloads are free (and there are LOTS).

Boxee Remote

If you have ever used Boxee at your home to run media, you know it is a great alternative to media serves and the Boxee Android app lets you control it with your phone.

Dolphin Browser

I nearly always use the Dolphin Browser to access the internet as it is a much better option than the default browser. Lots of options and a much cleaner interface. Honorable mention to Opera Mini which is a streamlined browser and does a good job, but I prefer the increased functionality and options of Dolphin.

Double Twist

For those who want to transfer all that music they have in iTunes (or any other music filing system) to their android phone, there is nothing better than Double Twist. The desktop application gathers all your files and then works seamlessly (drag & drop) to put your music, videos or other files onto your phone. I even like it better than the iTunes iPhone interface…Seriously great work on this application. A MUST HAVE!


If you use Dropbox (and why wouldn’t you?) The android Dropbox application allows you to access, share and upload your files from your phone.

Folder Organizer

One of the things I really liked about the iPhone 4 was the ability to create folders. now we have Folder Organizer on the Android to give us the same functionality. The paid version allows even more customization, but the free version works well enough for me.

Good for Enterprise

Until there is more integration with enterprise email, Good for enterprise works extremely well to push my corporate email and calendar to my phone. This requires an agreement with your IT department, but once it is set up, it works great.


The LinkedIn android application is still in beta, but seems to be clearing bugs and working well.


I have not seen a better way to monitor your finances than Mint and their Android application even includes widgets for your home screen!


Now that has moved to a subscription only model, Pandora remains the best option for streaming music (IMHO).


The PayPal application is a must have for those (like me) who rarely carry cash and want to remain secure while we are making internet transactions on the go on a regular basis.


Without having to root your phone, or pay your mobile provider a monthly fee, PdaNet offers you the chance to make your Android phone a mobile hotspot with either a USB tether or bluetooth connections.


Social media blaster, Ping, offers Pingdroid to keep all your social networks updated on the go.

Please feel free to comment about your experience with these applications or let me know about others that you think are indispensable.

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