Morocco Website Redesign page

As a self-assigned project between contracts, I redesigned one of my original web pages that was a host for all of my Moroccan students’ web pages.

The original site was hand coded in Dreamweaver 4 and was definitely a product of those early days of the web (90-95).

Here are the latest mock ups of the Morocco Web Design pages. let me know if the information is not clear about what changes were made most recently.

3 thoughts on “Morocco Website Redesign page

  1. WordPress is a great content management framework that makes it so I do very little coding myself. If you wish to use something similar, contact me directly and I can help get you started.

  2. I have been exploring on the internet looking to get ideas on how to get our web site coded, your overall style together with theme are excellent. Did you code it yourself or did you get a coder to get it done for you?

  3. What is your intention with your site? If you give me more details I may be able to help you more and steer you in the right direction.

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