Joe the Plumber; Another Distraction

Over the course of the last few days, I have heard references to “Joe the Plumber” and really had no idea what people were talking about.

Is this a new video game?

Is it a reference to our dearly departed Joe Strummer from the Clash?

Is it the alarmist web site

Leave it to The Daily Show and Jon Stewart to finally enlighten me. I used to find it funny that many Millennials listed The Daily Show as their main source of news and information about the world. Now, with as busy as my life has become, it seems that I must group myself with the uninformed masses and Stewart’s show (along with The Colbert Report) are now my news mainstays.

Joe the Plumber

Seems that Joe “The Plumber”¬†Wurzelbacher is a working plumber who wants to buy a small business and confronted Obama about his tax increases that would affect him as a business owner to pay for tax cuts for others.

While these moments make for good rhetoric and even better comedy, I am concerned that as we slide into the last couple weeks before the elections, that the ‘undecided voters’ don’t have more pressing issues placed before them and clear opinions by our candidates with which to differentiate them and give these wishy-washy voters something to grab for.

One thought on “Joe the Plumber; Another Distraction

  1. Nevermind that he isn’t actually a licensed plumber, and neither is the man he works for whom he wishes to supposedly buy the plumbing business from. Also nevermind the fact that when pressed he stated he doesn’t actually have the financing to buy the business, he owes back taxes, and that if/when he did buy the business it was shown he still would save on his taxes.

    It’s a gimmick, just like the rest of the McCain (McMean) team attempts to divert attention from real issues, and send the sheep off with distractions.

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