Jailbreaking My Apple TV 2Gen

What I thought was going to be a fairly straightforward task has turned out to be a comedy of errors and alot of frustration.

I have tried using Greenpois0n RC6, pwnage, & seas0nPass. I had issues with all of them and never got farther than a tethered boot with seas0nPass that gave me a blank screen. I was able to restore the ATV2 to factory settings so that is good.

My reason for trying to do this in the first place is that I want Pandora, XBMC, Boxee, etc. I feel constricted by the choices that come with the ATV and have been so excited by the videos I see of people who have these other options.

There seem to be plenty of people who have been able to jailbreak the 1st generation ATV as well as earlier software verisons of ATV 2G (up to 2.1.1) but now Apple has pushed out software 2.3 which looks like 2.2 (2060) on the “about” screen. I am wondering if that is what caused the problem? When I tried to restore using one of the earlier versions of the software I got error messages in iTunes telling me my ATV would not accept it.

Anybody who has had success, please let me know your secret.


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  1. Greenpoison has actually not been very useful in terms of jailbreaking the Apple TV2. All of my successes have been with seas0npass. It is actually getting even easier as we move forward.

    In addition to that tool, I would highly recommend backing up the IPSW blobs in case there are fixes to the OSS in the future that make it so you will need to roll back your OS. Use the program TinyUmbrella to back them up, as your iTunes will not hold multiple SSH blobs.

    A great tutorial and all the downloads are here: http://thetechjournal.com/electronics/how-to-backup-shsh-blobs-for-apple-tv-2g-ios-4-1.xhtml

  2. Hi

    I too have had nothing but frustration in trying to jailbreak my ATV2 using greenpoison. Care to share your secret?

    There’s so much potential in the ATV2 with add-ons that jailbreaking is a must.


  3. Hi,

    Apple actually did not patch in his untethered exploit which brings ios 4.3.2 on iphone 4, iphone 3gs, ipod touch 4g, ipad, i0n1c is currently developing his untethered jailbreak that will be soon be released within the month or sooner. Thanks a lot.

  4. Since this post, I have successfully jailbroken my Apple TV 2nd Gen. I was able to use GreenPois0n RC6 and then installed a plethora of amazing applications which have truly made my ATV2 worthwhile.
    All my pictures, video, podcasts, music and tv shows are viewable through Plex and XBMC. I have access to my Pandora, Last.fm & GooveShark accounts. I can stream video from network (and cable) websites including ABC, CBS, HGTV, Comedy Central, etc. For those who want it, there is even filesharing through icevideo utilizing Megaupload and other goodies.
    One of those delightful moments happened just last night as I connected my Android phone XBMC remote to the device and realized there is an option to have my notifications, SMS, email and phone calls show up on the TV when they come through. The interactivity of these applications is fantastic. I say kudos to all you open source hackers out there and have donated “beer fund” money to those who developed the key pieces of software (listed below).
    This was not as difficult as I initially thought it was and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about expanding the functionality of the Apple TV.
    XBMC unofficial Repositories

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