iPhone Free Applications Review Part 2

This is part 2 in a series. If you haven’t already read it, Please read Applications Review Part 1.

I have gotten rid of several of the applications I originally downloaded just because they were so bad that they caused the iPod to shut down and restart or just return to the home screen when I would try to open them. It made me realize that people don’t necessarily want to hear about applications they don’t want anyway. Therefore, in part 2 I’m going to focus on the applicaitons that I think are really exiting, useful or just plain fun. I’ll save the reaming of poorly designed, conceived applications for a separate bog entry.

Cube Runner
cube runner screen shot

This is a highly addictive game where the accelerometer is used to fly around cubes that fly at you. It is simple, it works smoothly and there are multiple levels to try.

One of the best things about it is you have the option to switch to landscape view (press the ‘i’ in the corner for options).

Can’t wait to share high scores on the web.

Pandora iPhone application

I have used Pandora for well over a year and highly recommend it as a fabulous souce of new music that beats 1 direction internet streaming radio hands down. To make this available on a mobile platform means that we can create custom radio stations and be able to listen to them anywhere and anytime with a Wi-Fi, 3G or cell service. If you do not already have a Pandora profile, I recommend setting it up on the web first and create some stations. Then link your iPhone to your login and start fine tuning your stations. You can go to Pandora.

Tap Tap Revenge
Tap Tap Revenge screen shot

For those of you who have played Rockband or Guitar Hero, this is the mobile application you’ve been waiting for. Music is played and you have to tap the colored lights as they pass by the line. Additionally, the accelerometer is used by having arrows come down the lines and the player flicks the iPhone in the direction indicated in time with the music. It is fun and challenging. The basic application is available for free, but to get the songs by well known artists, there may be a fee. Watch out, this one can be extremely addicting. The developers are also continually releasing new songs and putting on competitions where they give away prizes.

Aurora Feint
Aurora Feint

By far the most amazing game released so far. It has great music and graphics. There is a storyline (which I haven’t completely figured out yet). Additionally the gameplay itself is new and different. It takes the traditional ‘3 or more bricks in a row’ idea and adds the ability to turn the iPhone to have the bricks fall to another side to create a whole new set of connections. There are also puzzles along the way that keep the gameplay interesting.

Break Classic
Bright Graphics in Break Classic

This is an updated 3D based on the Breakout game from the 80s. it just works and will satisfy those simple urges to get back to your roots of early video game play while taking advantage of touch interfaces.

Next up, I will talk about how these applications as well as the really bad ones can be improved as well as some suggestions for you mobile application developers out there to create the ‘killer iPhone app’

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