iPad 2 Presented by Steve Jobs

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Sigh. I doubt I will be picking this up anytime soon but it gives me another toy to go play with at the stores. I have posted previously about this device.

At today’s Apple iPad 2 event, Steve Jobs was there to present it.  Jobs recently took a medical leave of absence to rejoin his battle with pancreatic cancer or possible other ailments, and he said they had been working on the iPad and he “… didn’t want to miss it.”

The iPad 2 is very much a video device. The resolution is the same, the price is the same and the battery life is the same. The new features are  a front and back facing camera (not on the original), 1/3 thinner and with a faster processor.

One of the most exciting features based on the fact we just picked up an Apple TV, the new device can also wirelessly stream video from any app to the device (and vice versa), which makes the iPad an even more powerful home entertainment addition.

Additionally, iMovie is now available on the iPad 2, and is specially designed to make it easy to edit videos on a tablet format. Facetime, which has been available since the launch of the iPhone 4, is now available on the iPad 2, too, and can perform videoconferencing between both iPhone and iPad 4 devices. Garageband for the new iPad will allow you to plug in instruments, add effects and record up to 8 tracks.

The device itself is available in white  — they promise white will be available on day one (remember when the promised white iPhone never surfaced?). Apple claims the CPU is twice as fast and graphics are nine times faster and with all of that the battery life is still miraculously the same.

Apple also unveiled a new cover that snaps onto the device using built-in magnets on the iPad2. The cover rolls back and acts as a stand for watching video and to allow for easier tapping. The cover also has a microfiber surface on the inside that helps keep the iPad 2 surface cleaner.

The iPad 2 will be available on March 11th, the same day South by Southwest, spring break for tech geeks, begins so expect the Apple store in Austin to be a mob scene.


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