How to reach kids today

In a discussion on a Facebook group, the questions was asked whether inserting educational applications onto the more traditionally ‘social’ site would be rejected by the youth as ‘intruding’ upon their social time with educational content.

There was evidence that older user of Facebook were the ones interested in the more traditionally ‘educational’ applications that have come out, like:

Travel IQ Challenge
various IQ tests
LOTS of quizzes
Art, books and languages are covered

I stated:

As an instructional designer, I am interested in engaging youth and adults in learning any way I can. I am designing ‘fun’ applications, toys and presentation and integrative learning into games, whether they are socially based activities or more computer-centric.

I don’t think it is a matter of kids feeling like they are encroached upon at facebook or other social apps or their Wii or Xbox. The best kind of learning comes when it is exploratory. whether it is viral marketing through hidden content in TV shows (Alternate Reality Games) or through SIMulations that have no ‘right’ way to ‘win’.

I believe the world’s view of uses of video games and technology as a whole will lead us to a place where all interfaces will have the potential of teaching us. It won’t be the rote learning that the pre-X gen were raised on, but the world is much more dynamic these days and demands new ways of processing and assimilating all the information.

What do you think?

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