Honeycomb for Google TV Leaked

Here is a walkthrough of the new OS that was leaked by GTVHacker

If you want to see the install, channelandroid has a video of that as well (click the link in the video)

I am going to wait for the official build to come out (later this month?) but I was excited to see what the interface is likely to look like.

If you are looking to actually do this yourself, here are the instructions (from GTV Hacker)

The full process on to install Honeycomb on the Revue has finally been leaked. The process doesn’t seem too complicated, especially for those who are familiar with rooting your Android handsets so here’s the complete how-to.

NOTE: You do this at your own risk. I, GTV Hacker and anybody else is not responsible for what may happen to your device. It is possible that doing this may prevent you from updating your device with any future official updates.

  • Copy the update.zip to a Fat32 formatted USB drive, place it in its root (ie /mnt/usb/update.zip or E:\update.zip)
  • Plug USB drive into Revue. Fully unplug revue. Plug it back in, count to One (a long one, say one mississippi), then hold down the connect button (keep it held). The Revue logo will come up, and the box will reboot, your tv will lose signal, and come back to the Revue logo. At this point, let go of the button.
  • The GTV logo will then show up, with an arrow and a horizontal “barbershop scroll”. At this point, on your Revue’s keyboard, press the FN key (in yellow) and the left arrow (to the left of the OK button). It will then come up to a recovery menu.
  • Hit “Apply update from sdcard:/update.zip”
  • The box will verify the update, and reboot. This is normal. It is installing an updated bootloader and recovery image (both, heavily encrypted).
  • Then, the box will come back on, and flash the latest kernel and system files. Once this is done, the box will reboot again.
  • This bootup may take a few minutes, at first you will see the Revue logo, then the Google TV logo, then the “new” logo (a grey tv over a ball glowing red). Just wait it out.

You can then begin setup, as normal. You may notice some crashes – this software is still beta, you should be able to force close and continue.

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