Home Ownership 101

construction girl
I wonder if there is a course on Home Economics for adults? I remember the Home Ec. classes being offered in high school. I thought those were for how to make a budget, cook meals, clean, etc. That is great, but I am thinking more about what it takes to keep up a house. Especially an older house like ours.

Our house was built in 1929. It is nearly 80 years old and is mostly made of wood. We have a significant amount of upkeep to do and I feel like every project requires diligent research and learning before I can even get started.

The local colleges should offer courses on retro-fitting (earthquake country), wood floor upkeep (scratches appear like magic every day), insulation upgrading (the sash windows and old door frames leak like wind tunnels).

Don’t get me wrong, we love the place and appreciate the character. We knew that it would be some work to get it how we want it. I just thought I would be better prepared to take on these tasks.

Any suggestions on good books, courses, DVDs, etc. would be appreciated.

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