Give Yourself a 6th Sense for $350

Several years ago, I found TED and started watching amazing 18 minute videos of people changing the world.

One of the most amazing videos I saw

(and posted) was of Pattie Maes of MIT’s Media Labs showing what her graduate student, Pranav Mistry, had created; a 6th Sense hardware that was cobbled together from existing technology, along with a software program that allowed you to have a mobile virtual multi-touch gestural interface that was a predecessor of the augmented reality applications we have seen developing for the smartphones over the last few years.

I went to check in on the program out of curiosity. They are now calling it the Wear Ur World (WUW)

I want to create several of these. I mean, take a look at the demonstration that Pranav Mistry did more recently in TED India.

Doesn’t it look cool?

So he mentioned he wanted to make it open source, but I was not able to find it. Possibly waiting until it can be improved a bit. I don’t know, but if it is out there, I would love to hear where.

More information about Pranav’s ideas, motivations and details of the project are available in an interview he did with TED

You can also find his papers and other ideas on his website.

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