Focus on Usability in 2009

In years past, the Consumer Electronics Show has been a showcase for excess. Huge televisions, products that are well out of the price range of the average consumer and were often rushed to release in time so that the manufacturers could make a bug splash at the show. They didn’t spend much time on usability research or test to see if people actually wanted or needed the product.

With the current economic situation, not only will there be fewer people and products at CES this year, but I am also hoping that companies will focus more on usability in their products. People are going to be more discerning in how and where they spend their money. The average tech consumer now should expect more from their products. It is not enough that it surfs the net, or connects your TV and computer. It should do it easier, faster and cheaper.

Companies will need to focus on usability and be sure they are spending their R&D monies on creating a product that serves a need simpler and without the fluff.

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