First Reactions to Blackberry Storm

blackberry storm

I have been getting updates on the soon to come out Blackberry Storm. There is now a video on the Verizon website showing ‘people on the streets’ reactions.

Additionally there are some people who got a look at it first in an undisclosed location.

Here is another promo released in Europe:

While that is a great advertisement for the phone, for those who really want to see details, there is a demo of many of the features being offered by Vodafone (in the U.K. where it is being made available  first) by SoldierKnowsBest.

Something he doesn’t mention is the fact that the SDK for the Blackerry Storm (as well as other phones) has been released and it is only a matter of time before users will have an ‘App Store’ where they can download 3rd party applications for the  phone.

There are a few reasons why this phone will be serious competition for other smart phones and, specifically, the iPhone.

  • It will be attractive to business users who have been using their Blackberries and are used to the email and internet capabilities
  • integrating world-wide usability for those who travel the globe and need to stay in touch.
  • The most exciting difference to me, is the haptic feedback.

Since I have been working with haptic feedback, I am really excited about this technology. Vodafone was able to get this technology on the market before anyone else (including Apple who will be releasing an iPhone with this feature in the future). Haptic feedback makes it feel like you are actually touching buttons. The feature is the next step in virtualization and better usability with touchscreen interfaces.

If you want further information about what is inside, there are additional specifications.

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