Edward Tufte in SF

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I am registered for the Dec. 8 course and am looking forward to meeting Edward Tufte as well as pick his brain on Interaction Design, graphs, charts, data and statistics.

I highly recommend going to see him in SF, San Jose, Austin or Houston. At the very least, take a look at his books which are indispensable if you deal with information.

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  2. I found the course to be funny, full of interesting and influential attendees and a wonderful opportunity to get to know the author. The fact that also I got to talk with Dr.Tufte and get his summary of how to use the books (I got all four – 2 are now signed) and how they best apply to usability and information architecture is priceless.

    I am off to make content king and do whatever it takes to get the point across.

    I highly recommend accessing his website Ask E.T. which has all kinds of additional resources and also that you buy Envisioning Information. Great Resources.

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