Dozens of Infected Apps Pulled From Android Market

Please be aware of what you are downloading and ensure you are keeping your phone safe.
DroidDream Returns, Dozens of Infected Apps Pulled From Android Market.

Here is a full (updated 6/1/2011) list of infected applications by publisher. ensure you have not downloaded them.

Published by “Myournet”:
Falling Down
Super Guitar Solo
Super History Eraser
Photo Editor
Super Ringtone Maker
Super Sex Positions
Hot Sexy Videos
Hilton Sex Sound
Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls
Falling Ball Dodge
Scientific Calculator
Dice Roller
Advanced Currency Converter
App Uninstaller
Funny Paint
Spider Man

Full list of infected applications published by “Kingmall2010″:

Bowling Time
Advanced Barcode Scanner
Supre Bluetooth Transfer
Task Killer Pro
Music Box
Sexy Girls: Japanese
Sexy Legs
Advanced File Manager
Magic Strobe Light
墨水坦克Panzer Panic
裸奔先生Mr. Runner
Advanced App to SD
Super Stopwatch & Timer
Advanced Compass Leveler
Best password safe

Full list of infected apps under the developer name “we20090202″:

Finger Race
Bubble Shoot
Advanced Sound Manager
Magic Hypnotic Spiral
Funny Face
Color Blindness Test
Tie a Tie
Quick Notes
Basketball Shot Now
Quick Delete Contacts
Omok Five in a Row
Super Sexy Ringtones

I have posted several times about mobile security applications for Android devices (see links below)

2 thoughts on “Dozens of Infected Apps Pulled From Android Market

  1. the infections vary, however, the most common is the process of gathering user data and copying it. Another is the process of installing programs that will create “zombie phones” to be utilized in the future (sleeper cells). The “DroidDream” app piece of malware is especially virulent because it apparently cannot only capture user and product information from a device but also has the ability to download more code capable of further damage.

    Read more:

    In terms of apps to help protect you, there are many. Look up “security” on the Android market and you will find all manner of apps that can scan your phone, scan incoming emails, texts, provide site ratings, help you lock, wipe and track your phone. They range from free, minimal donations all the way to annual subscriptions. Depending on your needs, many of them would protect you…and certainly something is better than nothing.

    If you would like further advice, feel free to contact me with your mobile device usage and I could point you in a direction in terms of features you may be best served by.

  2. When you refer to “infected” apps, what exactly is the infection? Are these apps stealing personal info or redirecting the browser or installing something in the background? Also, are there any apps on the open market that can guard against these lil nasties?

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