Devices Will Allow for More Heads-Up Mobility

I am excited to be attending the Mobile UX Essentials BayCHI presentation tomorrow. Rachel Hinman from Nokia will be presenting.

Serendipitously, Marko Ahtisaari, senior vp and head of design strategy at Nokia, was interviewed on the [Nokia] Ideas Project site.

In the interview, Ahtisaari states that true mobility means devices that users can operate and interact with on the go, at a glance and even one-handed; an alternative to the immersive attention many current smart phones now encourage.

In a video, we see Ahtisaari talking about his belief that we are in the very early phases of the smart phone, comparable to where the automobile was in the 1880s, which means we have yet to reach a dominant paradigm. Dominant smart phone designs, including the touchscreen OS, and multiple, personalizable home screens, and data systems, will be increasingly informed by collective intelligence, he says.

Then LeWeb creator Loic LeMeur interviews Marko Ahtisaari about the kinds of design innovation we can expect at Nokia in 2011 and future trends in the industry going forward.

I am hoping that there will be even more discussion about the future of mobile computing and a better user experience tomorrow.

Here is the full transcript:


There’s a common dogma or misperception that we’re – in smart phones we’re – in the smart phone industry we’re at a period where we already have the dominant design. And I don’t think that’s the case. We’re more in this phase in the industry where you – basically we’re figuring out whether there’s a steering wheel, where is it placed, where’s the gear shift, is it on the wheel like in the Formula One, and some fin stripe around the gear shift, where is the reverse? So we’re just figuring out the placement of the controls and the functionality and how it’s working.That’s important. I think we’re in the “pre-dominant” design phase, and I think it’s the job of – for us to look for those other dominant patterns of interaction that handle basic things like starting activities, switching between activities, and handling the notifications that come in, and making room for that. We’re definitely in the period where we’re still looking for those dominant designs, and that’s an exciting time to be. It’s a real inflection point in terms of design in the industry.

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We’re in a “Pre-Dominant” Design Phase

Our current view of artificial reality is kind of like goggles, you know, and computer; show me what’s around. And sure we’ll have – I think that it’s a great application for 3-D user interfaces, overlaying data on maps, and displaying visual richness and data richness on top of maps, and the sort of urban landscape. But on the whole, we’re talking about critically one-handed use, which is really that act of getting on your bicycle, texting with one hand, doing that – flipping it kung-fu smooth into the pocket. And that’s – how do we bring the additional augmentation to those kinds of interactions rather than the let me hold up the big screen and be naturally here in the city environment.

A Functional Definition for Augmented Reality

Something that’s a personal obsession and at Nokia Design we think a lot about is how you design for true mobility, not portability or “luggability”. And let me explain what I mean by that is; currently touch screen, big touch screen devices, the user interfaces on these are immersive. You have to use them with your head down. And you’ll even – once you start looking for this in the world, you’ll see it everywhere. You’ll see couples seated in restaurants with their head down, you know, stroking their touch screens and not looking each other in the eye.And there’s a use, there’s a role for immersive use, but increasingly I think we need to design – give people their head up again, and what I mean by that is better UIs that don’t require your full attention. So that means glance-able user interfaces, things that allow the human computer to do some of the work. So we can take a look, hear an audio signal, interact; it certainly has to do with multi-modal interaction, voice interaction with the devices, but it’s not only a voice user interface.

So how do we design interaction, so that people can be really mobile, with their head up, look people in the eye, also be in the real urban environment as opposed to heads down? That’s a passion we have.

Devices Will Allow For More Heads-Up Mobility

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