Device Design Day

This is an announcement of an upcoming event from a message sent to me by Dan Saffer. I can’t say enough good things about Mr Saffer as well as his Kicker Studio. They are always on the cutting edge of touch and gesture interfaces.

Kicker Studio is happy to announce Device Design Day: a one-day conference for professionals who design consumer electronics, appliances, mobile devices, and objects with embedded technology. The event will take place on August 20, 2010 in San Francisco.

Device Design Day brings together visual, interaction, and industrial designers for a high-quality experience and expert content that is a mix of practical and inspirational from some of the best speakers and thinkers in (and outside) the field.

Featured speakers and talk topics include:

Stuart Karten, “User-driven Innovation”
Kim Goodwin, “Convergent Products, Convergent Process”
Mike Kuniavsky, “Information as a Material”
Julian Bleeker, “Design Fiction Goes from Props to Prototypes”
And more!

This first-of-its-kind event takes place at the whimsical Zeum, San Francisco’s Children’s Museum. Registration is $249, and includes breakfast, lunch, and a cocktail reception in Zeum’s Roundabout Room after the event. The reception will turn into Kicker Studio’s Second Anniversary Party, complete with karaoke in Zeum’s Music Production Lab.

Register on the Device Design Day site at

Register by August 1 and be entered in a chance to win an iPad!

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