Designing Account Sign Ins

Do you get irritated with having to fill out a bunch of information about yourself (or something you made up) just to look at products or use an application you are not even sure you want?

Well other people are to. For those of us that have our own sites or design them for others, I thought these were good guidelines about what NOT to do when designing the sign in for a page:

Account sign-in – 8 design mistakes to avoid From The Interaction Designer’s Coffee Break

Jared Spool has watched users struggle with online accounts and sign-in procedures. From his observations, he has compiled a list of 8 common design mistakes:

1. Requiring users to crate an account when it really isn’t necessary (e.g. when buying a product or downloading a white paper)

2. Requiring users to sign in before they are ready to do so (e.g. before they can see the products they can buy)

3. Not stating the benefits to creating an account (such as the option to change flight reservations after they are made)

4. Hiding the sign-in button

5. Not making “Create New Account” or “Forgot Your Password” a button or link

6. Not providing sign-in opportunities when people need them (e.g. at the checkout where it can save people for re-entering their billing information)

7. Asking for too much information when registering

8. Not telling users how their information will be used (e.g. not giving a reason for asking people for their phone number)

For more details, visit: Account Sign-in: 8 Design Mistakes to Avoid

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