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As a researcher and professional working with accessibility, special needs, education, usability and interaction design, I am constantly searching for better ways to present information. Especially complex and dynamic information.

Web 2.0 has introduced cloud sourced information that defies traditional representations (graphs and pie charts). We as an industry of information technology specialists need to find ways to present interactive information in an understandable, interesting and fun way.

I have written about ManyEyes before as a great idea (in thought, while maybe not implementation) of how to ask society at large how they wish to be presented with this information, hopefully to find a way that works across cultures in way finding and understanding of information.

As I get ready to leave for UPA 2009 Conference in Portland, I am following and connecting with my colleagues who are already there or on their way. This is easily done through Twitter and its myriad of applications. Squidoo List of Twitter Apps.

Over the last couple of years, I have seen several implementations that collect social feeds, but this UPA2009 Twitter Feed’s animation styles are really interesting.

I took that and created a search based on My Tweets

I highly recommend going to The Man in Blue’s VisibleTweets Site and try creating one for yourself.

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