Cheap Mobile Usability Testing

Off the shelf mobile usability testing kit is very expensive, and even some of the “cobbled together” solutions can be hard to finance with shoestring budgets (read: startups). 

Harry Brignull from 90 Percent of everything has previously written about cheap ways to make usability testing “sleds” for your mobile devices.

A great solution was suggested by New Zealand-based UX expert Nick Bowmast, who recommends using a rectangular piece of acrylic, bent to shape over a household toaster, as shown below:

Image credit: Nick Bowmast.

There is the additional question which I have had on how to record the users’ faces at the same time. Morae does not make that possible (believe me, I’ve tried several ways to trick it).

No, here’s a solution from Belén Barros Pena and Bernard Tyers’ EuroIA presentation. They recommend using a $19 app called AMCap allows you to view two webcams simultaneously on your PC’s screen. You can then use any screen recording app (e.g. Camstudio) to capture your screen and audio to a video file.

Image credit: Belén Barros Pena and Bernard Tyers.

Now, it’s not a beautiful solution, but it’s quick, cheap and effective. One for the Guerilla Mobile Usability Testing handbook!

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