Characteristics of Great Usability Researchers

Whatever your passion happens to be, one should always strive to improve.

While there are (finally) some courses on facilitation and moderation of usability tests, I am always looking for colleagues to help fine tune and expand my knowledge of methodology and ways to improve my abilities to provide actionable feedback to the companies I consult with.

A recent article on UX Matters, called Characteristics of Great Researchers, made me think about other articles I have seen in the past about what makes a good usability researcher.

Here are some resources:

Although it is aimed towards designers, I think many of the paradigms in this article:

Characteristics of Good UX Designers are equally applicable to researchers.

Overcoming Fear of Moderating

I couldn’t live without the advice of Dana Chisnell & Jeffrey Rubin’s Handbook of Usability Testing

Jakob Nielsen has weighed in on What makes a good usability professional

I have mentioned some resources for those who wish to learn about becoming a usability professional, such as a review on Steve Krug’s books as well as 5 books every designer needs

There are also additional skills needed to do Global usability Research and a well recommended book is The Handbook of Global Usability Research

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