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I probably watch more streaming films than discs from my Netflix account now.  So far, I have been a bit dissatisfied with the number of films available and quite often, they were ‘the films you never heard of.’ Looks like that is about to change (September 1, 2010) A new deal will give Netflix the […]

Having Watson compete on Jeopardy is a great publicity move, however, the other applications this project could enable are truly exciting. “Beyond Jeopardy, the challenge expands to demonstrating how core open-domain question-and-answer technologies can be quickly and effectively adapted to different business applications,” said Michael Loughran, communications manager at IBM Research. “These applications will demand […]

There are alot of tech-heavy inventions that are just for this year’s Superbowl and Endgadget has a whole list of them. While these are great, I find myself most interested in how the 3D technology I saw at CES this year will be utilized and advertised to the masses. It seems that Dreamworks will be […]