Integrate Facebook & Twitter with Google Plus

I have been trying to leave Facebook for a while now and may have a real alternative with Google +.

There has always been something that keeps me checking Facebook, though; all my friends and family who are posting there.  Now there is a Chrome plugin that will allow people to link their Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as let them post directly to those sites via the Google + page.

This was created by computer programmer Zane Claes. It’s called Start G+,

In addition, there is a nifty little program to import all your Facebook albums and photos into G+. If you visit after installing the extension, you can choose to import your photos from Facebook. The photo importer syncs photos from Facebook and displays the photos in a slideshow format as they are imported to allow you to monitor the progress. Continue reading

Androidify Turns You into an Android-style Avatar

I made an Android style avatar of myself and really kind of liked not just the result:
android fritz

but the application itself was pretty fun.

androidify screenshot

Androidify, a free application for Android phones, lets you create an Android-style avatar of yourself (or anyone, for that matter). Swap out the clothes, adjust the side of your noggin, add a pirate eye-patch, the customization options are abundant. Continue reading

Technology!!!! (w007)

Technology!!!! (w007), originally uploaded by Theiss.

My wife and I are in the midst of figuring out how to deal with the lack of home office space. We are both working at home and often find that we need the office space at the same time. we are looking at different desks and trying to predict what our new home will look like so we can purchase something that will work when moved there.