Android Honeycomb Stencils and Resources

I have previously posted numerous mobile stencils and wireframes, but with Google’s recent release of the new OS, we designers need the new tools:

Android Honeycomb Stencils & Sketchsheets

android tools

Google recently released their OS designed specifically for tablets: Android Honeycomb. This is a set of stencils & sketchsheets to help you get started mocking up your GUI’s.


android tools

DroidDraw is an online tool to help you easily build graphical user interfaces for the Android cell phone platform. There’s also a standalone executable available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. This is a really quick way to emulate your application with almost no need to know code and focus strictly on the interface. Continue reading

Omnigraffle Keyboard Shortcuts

Nick Fink of created a great resource that lists the keyboard shortcuts for Omnigraffle. I recommend creating a PDF and posting wherever you work.

You can download the graffle file, open it in Omnigraffle and export however works best for you.

Alternatively, just download my PDF, but you may need to adjust the print settings OmniGraffle 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Review of Omnigraffle 5 Diagramming Essentials

Omnigraffle 5 Diagramming Essentials by Ruben Olsen from Packt Publishing.

I found the book poorly organized and the exercises in the first few chapters did not have clear objectives. It could really have used more information reviewing the “essentials” of Omnigraffle rather than spending so much time on the stencils that the author had placed on Graffletopia.

The information for the beginner is not as straightforward as it should be. Working through the exercises are not as useful to those who really need to get a handle on the overall flow and model of Omnigraffle.

The walkthroughs on OmniGroup Extras do a better job of pointing out key the tools and how to use them. It also provides tips on organizing your workspace. Continue reading

Working Within Mobile UI Design Limitations

Providing alternative views of how best to design for mobile. I am researching in printed text and online. The best and the brightest up and coming international talents have started their careers with mobile already being their focus.

Article posted by Sacha Grief

Overcoming Limited Navigation Space

Navigation is especially important for mobile interfaces because of the limited space and constrained interactions. People cannot open your app in multiple tabs, use keyboard shortcuts, or create macros, so it’s vital that every part of your app be easy to access.

Sketches (shown here for LePost iPhone app) let you quickly iterate through different ideas.

For Le Monde’s newspaper app, navigation was one of the biggest concerns. How do you keep a newspaper’s linear structure, yet provide fast access to any single page or article? And how do you take advantage of a newspaper’s beautiful layout, while still offering maximum readability on a smaller physical surface?

Tools like Omnigraffle can help you plan the app’s overall architecture.

Continue reading

iPhone & iPad Development Kits GUI Resources

These GUIs are provided from a multitude of sites, including SmashingMagazine, SpeckyBoy, Yahoo Design Library, Freshbooks and others. Please note that they are provided for free, but donations are appreciated to keep the innovation coming and reward those who worked hard to make them available.

I have had great success with the Omnigraffle Ultimate iPhone stencil and am particularly excited to use the iPhone 3  stencils.

To help streamline your iPhone app design and development, here is  a fairly comprehensive collection of iPhone & iPad GUI kits that will allow you to focus on developing rather than having to design everything from scratch.
Within this post you will find complete GUI kits and stencils, iPhone GUI elements and PSDs and finally a collection of the best icon-sets perfectly suited for the iPhone. (Some of the preview images are intentionally to large to show the as much of each GUI as possible).

Complete iPhone & iPad GUI Kits Continue reading