Assessing Usability is a Full Time Job

Everytime I look at something; a sign, a door, an appliance… I think about how it is used, how it can be misused, misunderstood or cause mishaps.

I give critical (and positive) feedback to everyone who asks and am constantly being asked my opinions about websites, applications, devices and consumer products.

I am happy to do so, and truly feel that I have found my calling. What concerns me is that I have a hard time “turning it off”.

When do I get to just enjoy the product or website?

I need to find a mecca of usability where I am not constantly bombarded by things that are not accessible, not annoying and not difficult.

I need to live in a place where things are perfect, where people have thought about all the possible ways I could totally screw their site up or slice my finger off with their plastic doohickey.

Where is that place? Who is designing this heaven? I will pay whatever it takes to get there and use those products, people!

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