Argentina and Rambling

Seems I am rediscovering Argentina. There are:

Alex Dukal an amazing digital artist who also has a great website listed on many people’s top 10s.

Last night, I watched Nine Queens, a fantastic heist/con-artist movie. If you make it through the somewhat slow first 30 minutes, you will be richly rewarded with an interesting, well written, well acted and thoroughly engrossing plot.

I can’t say enough about Netflix and the opportunity to dig deeper and deeper into independent and international films. We also watched some Globe Trekker (no…not GlobeTrekker) episodes tonight about Thailand. Laos and Malaysia…and I digress.

We have been talking a lot about going diving in southeast Asia and watching the films only brought the excitement and anticipation up a notch.

I have also been thinking about world travel more from playing those addicting Traveler IQ games from Facebook.

Well, more later about the large strides in my work with Oakland Unified School District.

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