Apple TV Software Update

Seems there is going to be some great competition between the video providers this summer. This is good news for those who are trying to cut the cable and access home entertainment via other set top boxes.

Today’s release from Apple allows you to stream television episodes directly to your ATV2 as well as purchase (not just rent) those episodes directly from the ATV.

Additionally, the update provides a Vimeo menu and supports YouTube Playlists.

Now, for those who have jailbroken your ATV, we will need to get an update not OTA to handle these new capabilities…I’m not worried, I’m sure we will get something soon.

Some details from macrumors.

One thought on “Apple TV Software Update

  1. Hey great blog – I didn’t know you could jailbreak your Apple TV but I guess it makes sense. Thanks for the share, I’m going to actually try that!

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