A way to go back to Adobe

I thoroughly enjoyed doing user experience work for Adobe. I was sent this job opening and thought it looked pretty darn good.

All you IDs out there, take a look at this:

E-learning Courseware Development Expert (Contract)

About ELT

ELT provides employers of all sizes and across multiple industries with online compliance training of unparalleled quality. ELT has combined the renowned expertise of the nation’s most experienced employment law firm with the highest quality instructional design to create programs that educate, entertain and engage. ELT courseware uses legal engineering to help establish invaluable defenses for Fortune 1000 companies to employment litigation such as workplace harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and invasion of privacy.

While many e-learning initiatives suffer from low levels of adoption, ELT’s unique story-based courses boast an unprecedented 95% completion rate. Featured in the New York Times and Fortune Magazine as one of the premier online training providers, ELT’s programs are now used by more than 2,000,000 learners in leading companies across the United States.

Position Summary

ELT is looking for an E-Learning Expert to help us streamline our production and implementation processes as we design the next generation of our dynamic, highly customizable XML driven E-learning courseware.

The mission will be to review and evaluate our existing courseware structure as well as our processes for customization and implementation. ELT is looking for ways to shorten our current development timelines while continuing to offer clients extremely customizable and modular products. This expert will work with our development team to develop an action plan, specifications, tools and templates to bring imaginative innovations to the next generation of our courseware.

The successful candidate will have a proven track record in designing, developing and managing the development of Flash-based applications and E-learning courseware which yield high levels of customer satisfaction and tangible business results.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Review existing courseware structure and processes and indentify areas where improvements could be made to add flexibility and streamline the production process.
* Evaluate code for SCORM/AICC courseware and suggest changes to ease the implementation of our courseware on 3rd party learning management systems.
* Collaborate with our development team to design and develop the tools, templates and processes that will support the development, configuration, customization and implementation of the next generation of our courseware.


* Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience)
* Intimate knowledge of SCORM/AICC specifications
* A minimum of 5 years experience working with XML/Flash to develop dynamic modular E-learning courseware
* Extensive experience of E-learning courseware production workflow and its requisite tools
* ActionScript, JavaScript, DHTML and extensive experience in XML data structure.

Preferred skills/experience

* Experience working with a variety of learning management systems
* Server-side scripting experience (ASP, PHP or equivalent)


Sean Merrigan
(415) 962-3408

These can be found on the BAADAUG site.

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