Sixth Sense Seamless Technology

Ted continues to be cutting edge and exciting.

The idea of having pertinent, semantically appropriate information literally at your fingertips in the moments you need it to make a decision about your next action is what we really want. This technology could make it happen. Its called Sixth Sense and is being developed by Fluid Interfaces (formally Ambient Intelligence) at the MIT Media Lab.

Touch and gestural interfaces are great, but this takes your Microsoft table idea and makes it mobile. It can be anywhere, including on the surface of the people, places and products you are interacting with. The usability of this technology looks like it could be completely intuitive and easy, which is what will make it adoptable by the general public.

The video of Dr. Pattie Maes presenting at TED is the best way to understand what they are working on and how it will apply to your daily life.

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