New Glue Could make Microprocessors 1000x More Powerful

IBM and 3M are working on a new type of adhesive to glue computer processors together into stacks. If they can make it happen, this could mean an entirely new generation of chips which are a thousand times more powerful than anything we have now. See the video after the break.

IBM and 3M are partnering up to solve the cooling problem using a new type of heat-conducting adhesive to make stacked chips like a layer cake. Continue reading

August browser stats: Safari dominates mobile browsing

The browser stats posts ARS normally make have been rather complicated this month by a radical change from the company that provides the data they use (Net Market Share).

The new data reveals Safari\’s dominance of mobile browsing and Android\’s surprisingly poor performance in that same market.

via August browser stats: Safari dominates mobile browsing.

Here are some of hte Infographics from the site.

Mobile Browsers August 2011

Google TV with Honeycomb at CEDIA

The update cannot come quick enough to my Logitech Revue. I am keeping my fingers crossed it actually comes OTA by the end of the month as promised.

In the meantime, here is a video from Engadget of the new software along with some handpicked apps shown.

I have no idea why they chose to show Mego or the lame fireplace, but regardless, it is about the better interface and increased functionality and, of course, the market.

Maybe this presentation was so lame because it is a Sony Device?

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