Google TV 2.0 A Look into the Android 3.1 “Fishtank”

I have been waiting (impatiently) for the new Android store link for my Google TV. There has not been much information since the Google I/O earlier this year…..Until now.


There was a great article on AnandTech that is specifically about the updates for my device (Logitech Revue) but currently, the limited group of developers (50) who were invited and given the device are working to create the initial applications and interface.


This uber-secret project has not been public but here is an article originally posted on by Russell Holly

One of the things that seemingly wasn’t covered much at Google I/O was Google TV. It was clearly difficult for the Android team to admit that Google TV was not received nearly as well as everyone had hoped. As cool as the Apple TV competitor was, it lacked some critical functionality in order to “bring the internet to the largest screen in your home”.

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32″ Android Touchscreen Device

What do you think about having a 32-inch Android-powered touchscreen display in your living room? The engineers at SKR Technology in Japan have been working on exactly that.

The company usually builds digital signage, they were approached by some customers who wanted a large screen device that had multi-touch functionality similar to a smartphone. They tried building a solution around Windows 7, but it didn’t work as smoothly as they wanted. So they turned towards Android, but were disappointed to find out that none of their suppliers supported the OS.

For their next move, they built their own interface that allows an Android-powered device to interact with multi-touch displays. In the video embedded below the display works quite well, mirroring everything on the Android device’s screen.

Not yet available commercially, but I think my 2 year old can’t wait to get her fingers and hands on it.

One problem: Gorilla Arms!