SXSW Music Concerts

NPR has audio and video podcasts of not only this year, but many previous years’ artists on their site: All Songs Considered.

Jack White made a surprise visit and a parking lot performance a few days ago. He also introduces a new artist on his Third Man Records Label, Seasick Steve who blew me away.

There is an RSS feed of the releases of the podcasts.

I found this ethereal performance by experimental folk musician Julianna Barwick intriguing:

10 Ways Mobile Sites Are Different from Desktop Web Sites

The design of mobile sites is the new wave of IxD. It seems everyone has an article these days about it. UX Matters is no different and posted this up today.

10 Ways Mobile Sites Are Different from Desktop Web Sites :: UXmatters.

Jailbreaking My Apple TV 2Gen

What I thought was going to be a fairly straightforward task has turned out to be a comedy of errors and alot of frustration.

I have tried using Greenpois0n RC6, pwnage, & seas0nPass. I had issues with all of them and never got farther than a tethered boot with seas0nPass that gave me a blank screen. I was able to restore the ATV2 to factory settings so that is good. Continue reading

Top 10 Tricks for Working on the Go

I am always looking for ways to improve my telecommuting. Whether that means I need to find the best cloud solutions, strong wifi coffee shops or the right laptop bag. Here are some great tips from an article by
Whitson Gordon from the Lifehacker website that gives alot of great tips.

Top 10 Tricks for Working While On-The-Go

There’s only so much work you can do at the office before you go insane. If you need a change of scenery, here are ten ways to make the best of your mobile workspace.

Photo by Jack Shainsky.

10. Coil Your Cables Properly

Lifehacker has shown you numerous ways to wrap your headphone cables so they don’t get tangled, but when you’re working on-the-go, headphones are probably the least of your worries. There are USB cables, power bricks, cellphone chargers, and all sorts of other cords just waiting to tangle themselves up in your backpack. View the video to see an easy way to coil your small cables with a simple loose, overhand knot, and make sure you’re not putting too much stress on your laptop’s power cord. You want to be sure your cables still work when you need then 500 miles from the office. Continue reading

50 Years of Space Exploration Infographic

As humans, we have sent a few fledgling buckets out into our closest neighbors. If you ever wanted to get a sense of where we have been, here is an image to help. The full size image is hosted on You can explore it there and even download for a wallpaper if you wish.

I saw this image this morning and remembered a great series from my youth about space that has made it to Netflix Streaming, Cosmos presented by Carl Sagan. I watched an episode the other day and have to say it still stands up even 30 years later. I highly recommend watching a few episodes.