Journal of Usability Studies calling for Co-Editor in Chief

Call for Candidates :
Co-Editor-In-Chief of the

Journal of Usability Studies

The Journal of Usability Studies (JUS), published by the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA), seeks a Co-Editor-In-Chief to work with Joe Dumas who is taking over from the current Editor, Avi Parush.


The initial term is for three years, JUS is published online four times a year.


The Co-Editors-in-Chief are responsible for all aspects of publication associated with maintaining the Journal of Usability Studies as the premier journal of its kind dedicated to promoting and enhancing practice, research, and education related to usability, user-centered design, and user experience. The Co-Editors-in-Chief are responsible for the journal’s reputation as publishing the best scholarship in these areas. They do this by soliciting and accepting submissions, organizing peer reviews of submissions, making final decisions on submissions, providing substantive editing when needed, and overseeing the online publication of journal issues.


·    In partnership with the other Co-Editor-in-Chief , the Director of Publications, and the UPA Board define the overall strategic direction for the journal in order to effectively meet the needs of UPA members and advance the field

·   Provide leadership to achieve the goals determined by that strategic direction

·    Work cooperatively with the other Co-Editor-in-Chief

·   Actively solicit manuscripts for the journal

·   Recruit qualified manuscript reviewers and leverage their experience to enhance journal quality

·   Conduct initial screening of all manuscripts and forward those that meet criteria on to selected  reviewers

·   Serve as the primary liaison to authors

·  Work with authors to revise manuscripts based on reviewers’ comments and your own recommendations for improvement (e.g., clarity, development of ideas, scholarly accuracy, overall quality, and compliance with publication guidelines)

·   Ensure that decisions regarding publication are timely, fair, unbiased, and justified

·   Coordinate journal production with the other Co-Editor-in-Chief and the managing editor to ensure four full issues per year on a regular production schedule, assuming content meets the journal’s quality standards

·   Develop ancillary materials such as style guidelines and templates for authors and reviewers

Relationship with UPA

The Co-Editors-in-Chief will report monthly on the status of the journal to the UPA Director of Publications and will surface critical editorial issues as needed. The Co-Editors-in-Chief will summarize the status of the journal for the UPA Board once a year.


The Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal must possess the following attributes:

·   Advanced degree in a field related to usability studies, PhD preferred

·   Demonstrated knowledge of research design, statistical methods, and the state-of-the art in HCI research and practice

·   Fluent in written and spoken English at the level of being able to edit for clarity.

·   A history of publishing in peer-reviewed publications

·   A history of reviewing submissions for journals or proceedings

·   Proven experience and familiarity with the usability discipline, either as a researcher or a practitioner

·   A demonstrated capability of showing fairness in the resolution of disputes

·   Strong links to other professionals in the field who might contribute material and/or assist with reviews and editing

·   A proven record of editorial management, an important advantage

How to apply

Deadline to apply: October 15, 2010.

What to send:

·   resume

·   supporting materials that highlight your qualification for this position, such as examples of reviews, publications or teaching assignments that show knowledge of research design or HCI practices

·   names, phone numbers, and email addresses of three references who would be willing to discuss your qualifications

Where to send it:

Susan Dray, UPA Director of Publications:

with a .cc to John Kasper, Executive Director of UPA:

If you have questions please contact :  Susan Dray

Usability Professionals′ Association (UPA)

140 N. Bloomingdale Road, Bloomingdale, IL 60108-1017 USA
Tel: +1.630.980.4997 – Fax: +1.630.351.8490
UPA Website:
World Usability Day:

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