IBM Developed AI to Compete on Jeopardy

Having Watson compete on Jeopardy is a great publicity move, however, the other applications this project could enable are truly exciting.

“Beyond Jeopardy, the challenge expands to demonstrating how core open-domain question-and-answer technologies can be quickly and effectively adapted to different business applications,” said Michael Loughran, communications manager at IBM Research. “These applications will demand a deep understanding of users’ questions and analysis of huge volumes of natural-language, structured and semi-structured content to rapidly deliver and justify precise, succinct and high-confidence answers.”

Business applications will include customer relationship management, regulatory compliance, contact centers, help desks, Web self-service, and business intelligence, according to IBM.

Much of the underlying computing is based on the Open Advancement of Question Answering Initiative formed last year by IBM, along with Carnegie Mellon University and other universities.

Interactive Audio on iPhone

Smule, creators of the Ocarina application for the iPhone were presenters at the Apple iPhone 3.0 SDK presentation and premiered their Leaf Trombone application.

I’m impressed not only by Smule’s ability to make fun musical applications, but their focus on making them social, allowing people to share their experience with others and make each interaction with the application different, new and exciting.

They inspire me to push the applications I am working on to the next level.