First Reactions to Blackberry Storm

blackberry storm

I have been getting updates on the soon to come out Blackberry Storm. There is now a video on the Verizon website showing ‘people on the streets’ reactions.

Additionally there are some people who got a look at it first in an undisclosed location.

Here is another promo released in Europe:

While that is a great advertisement for the phone, for those who really want to see details, there is a demo of many of the features being offered by Vodafone (in the U.K. where it is being made available  first) by SoldierKnowsBest.

Something he doesn’t mention is the fact that the SDK for the Blackerry Storm (as well as other phones) has been released and it is only a matter of time before users will have an ‘App Store’ where they can download 3rd party applications for the  phone.

There are a few reasons why this phone will be serious competition for other smart phones and, specifically, the iPhone.

  • It will be attractive to business users who have been using their Blackberries and are used to the email and internet capabilities
  • integrating world-wide usability for those who travel the globe and need to stay in touch.
  • The most exciting difference to me, is the haptic feedback.

Since I have been working with haptic feedback, I am really excited about this technology. Vodafone was able to get this technology on the market before anyone else (including Apple who will be releasing an iPhone with this feature in the future). Haptic feedback makes it feel like you are actually touching buttons. The feature is the next step in virtualization and better usability with touchscreen interfaces.

If you want further information about what is inside, there are additional specifications.

McCain to Make Good on a Promise

mccain angry

McCain cancelled an appearance on Letterman’s show a month ago and the Late Night host has been getting his digs in since and it seems that it has worked. McCain has scheduled to appear this Thursday. There is even talk of bringing along his sidekick, little Maverick; Palin.  Not that McCain should appear anywhere without her now. With their campaign going down the tubes, I think it is important for the GOP that they appear on T.V. as much as possible. The boob tube is where they are likely to get most of their supporters from.

Palin has been rumored to be appearing on SNL along with Tina Fey. With the best ratings in a long time on SNL, it would be a savvy move by the Republican Moose hunting Mama.

Carriers Say No to Airporn

Some excerpts and comments on an original Article posted at By Dave Demerjian

plane laptop

People get bored on long flights, which is why we love in-flight Internet access. It lets people check email, read, watch the stock market collapse and enjoy their favorite scenes from On Golden Blonde and Forest Hump.

Airlines, worried the wi-fi services they’re rolling out will turn planes into flying porn theaters, are installing filters to prevent passengers from surfing smut. The decision is hailed by flight attendants — who’ve so far been responsible for preventing porn peeping — and by activists concerned that children and other passengers might be subjected to objectionable material. They also worry unfettered onboard Internet access poses a security and safety risk.

American Airlines says it will “implement technology to filter pornographic content over it’s Gogo in-flight Internet service.” It’s an about-face for the airline, which had said it would leave the nannying to flight attendants. The course correction was prompted in part by the vocal concerns of flight attendants who didn’t want to be morality cops after the airline started offering in-flight wi-fi last month.

“Flight attendants are on board to provide security and safety for passengers, not to monitor their Internet usage,” Corey Caldwell of the Association of Flight Attendants told “We’re glad the airlines have responded to our concerns and to those of passengers.”

But at least one privacy rights advocate opposes the idea and says blocking porn is the first step down a slippery slope.

“I don’t think it makes much sense,” Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, told Filters do nothing to keep people from viewing inappropriate material stored on their laptops and open the door to blocking other content airlines — or others — might deem inappropriate, he says. “It’s so easy, once that precedent is set, to broaden … the kind of information blocks that might be imposed.”

Airline cabin crews aren’t the only ones worried about airborne porn. Girls Against Porn lobbied American to install filters, urging the airline to consider the harm inappropriate content might have on passengers and citing a particularly disgusting incident that has resulted in a $200,000 lawsuit against American. “The airlines risk having this happen repeatedly if the Internet isn’t filtered,” Girls Against Porn said in a statement.

Delta Airlines, which rolls out in-flight wi-fi later this year, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution it will filter inappropriate content. “Blocking will be limited in scope and will be for sites that few, if any, would question are inappropriate to be viewed on an aircraft,” spokesman Kent Landers said, addressing concerns about filters known to block non-erotic sites such as Vanity Fair.

The two airlines are working with Aircell, which provides the wi-fi technology, to find a filter, though the company has yet come up with a solution. “We want to be good partners to the customers coming to us with these types of concerns,” a company source told “We’re working with them to come up with an effective solution.”

When they do, passengers will have to find another way to occupy themselves on those long-haul flights.