Blog Update

It has been a few weeks since I have written an entry into the blog. I felt that I wanted to simplify my theme and bring more attention to the writing. (What a concept).
My business has been going well and I am thankful for the work I have gotten recently as well as the continued business from previous clients.

A few notices to those who are in the user experience/HCI industry:
Google has made live. it is a kind of Wikipedia that may give Wikipedia a run for their money. At this time, there are not many entries and I have been doing my part to enter some articles pertaining to User Experience. If you’ve ever wanted to be the ‘noted expert’ in a topic, now is your chance.
Usability Day is coming up soon and I hope that there will be many topics and solutions put out there to make everyone’s’ lives better. Find more information at
Additionally, you can Enter a Video for a contest and possibly make the world a better place

Form Follows You

I have a friend who refuses to get a cell phone and when I ask him why, he simply states that when they have a video-phone watch he will get one. How about a personal assistant that you can interact with that will curl around your wrist and act like a watch? How about a phone that doesn’t just have ring tones, but gives visual and tactile feedback?

I was blown away by this conceptual design animation:

The designer is Tamer Nakisci and his site is at

He is now working for Apple iCan.