Ventura Camping Biking Trip

I am planning a trip for the family this summer to southern California to do some camping and cycling. The idea was originated because my mom went cycling with her husband on the Ventura River Trail. I checked out Emma Wood County and State parks, which may work out (we will have an RV and a tent) but was wondering if anyone else has some suggestions for us of a good place to camp where we could access good trails that would be appropriate for inexperienced cyclists that may not be able to handle much offroading. Please comment here or contact me through MySpace, Facebook, or my website.

Thanks in advance.

Organizing your files and virtual findability

There are many ways people organize their desktops and files, but it is also a matter of how we then retrieve our data. This article shows several new technologies that could help us not be so scattered and be more productive.

Streaming Reality

The site I’ve been working on went live today at I worked in conjunction with Cornerstone Designs to put it all together. I was focused on the design; creating the icons, graphics and layouts. Michael coded the database and the structure of the PHP.

It was a great relationship and I hope to work with him again soon. I was reminded of when we worked together back in the 90s starting Brawley Web Designs. A few differences back then; we created static pages with tables and HTML. We were pretty proud of those rollover buttons. Now we started and ended the job without ever seeing each other, wrote the code in PHP and scripting, its cross browser compatible, 508 compliant, and dynamic.

It is not just that the world is changing around us and that there is new technology, innovation, communication and sophistication around and available TO us. It has to do with how we grow and change in response to those forces. I myself, feel differently about my environment because of the things I learn and, therefore, act differently towards my environment. The circular feedback loop causes me to develop with my community and environment. On that note;

This week I had the first meeting regarding a new consulting project. I will be heading up the user experience research and design for an exciting new multi sensory haptic interface. Like the touch tables, iPhones, and shaking game controllers.

I am just wrapping my brain around what they are doing and it is really cutting edge and will be a part of the way we interface with, affect change to and learn from our newest toy; Web 3.0- Symantic, Social and becoming the REALity.

Second Life was only the first step. SEGUE: There is a film premiering at SXSW about reality and its permutations in the gaming world called Second Skin.

We leave for Austin tomorrow and I am excited to hear music, learn about interactivity and see films. As well as partying all week because Audrey passed a licensing exam. We have had a stressful winter with many changes , good and bad. I think the spring is here and we are about to experience the new growth that always happens so naturally on our world.

I wish you all the best.