portfolio work

I feel that I just want to take this stuff down. But part of me is glad to see that I have made significant progress in design over the last 4 years.

Leaving these here reminds me of that and … certainly keeps me humble.

These are images of the portfolio flash web presentation I am working on. Click on the images to enlarge them and then please comment on what you like or dislike about them.

Moroccan Universite Website is Gone

The original Morocco Web Design Page used to be found at: http://geocities.com/esta2000_2001/

Like many other of Yahoo’s ventures, it didn’t work out.

I was pretty proud of the website when it was first created in 1999 by myself and my Ibn Zohr Agadir University Students. I had just learned how to use Macromedia‘s DreamWeaver 4 and was pretty excited to share it with my students.

It was an opportunity to lead a team of 60 people all designing their own websites. It was the 90’s and flashing text, moving backgrounds, tables, tables, tables. What a mess the resulting cacophony of pages ended up being. It was the epitome of what led to the dreaded homepage. Think MySpace, only with worse technology, speed and restraint.

I feel that the experience gave me insight into what I do today.

Morocco Website Redesign page

As a self-assigned project between contracts, I redesigned one of my original web pages that was a host for all of my Moroccan students’ web pages.

The original site was hand coded in Dreamweaver 4 and was definitely a product of those early days of the web (90-95).

Here are the latest mock ups of the Morocco Web Design pages. let me know if the information is not clear about what changes were made most recently.